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SJB Art is on the cover of The Register!
We were on the cover of The Register (2016)….click to check out story!



Art Room Notes:

After school art for grades K-8th is starting in December...flyer with details is coming home this week.

COMING UP:  Our 1st Grade Artists' work is scheduled to be on display at the Hubbard Memorial Library in April 2017!

2015-16 school year art displays, showcased at Ludlow's Hubbard Memorial Library.





Please feel free to contact me with any art related questions, concerns or ideas you may have:

*ART CLUB notes:
  • Dollhouse Make-over...priming is done, now onto painting and prepping of floor rugs.  Thank you to the family of Chad S. for providing the carpeting!
  • Art Show Boards...although the art show is months away, we need to prep the background boards a little each month to get through them all.  Help on this is GREATLY appreciated!
  • Independent Weaving...for anyone who would like to work on their weaving project during art club, after helping out, feel free to plug away at that.
  • Copies of info regarding Art Contests will be in art room display stand; take if interested.  Talk to me if you need supplies to work on any of these or have any questions.