Grade 2 School Supplies
                                                     Second Grade
                                        Student School Supplies 2017-2018





Crayons (No Bigger Than a 24 Pack)


Markers (8 or 10 Pack)


# 2 Pencil (Yellow Pencils Only) sharpened if possible

2 boxes

Child Safety Scissors


2 pocket folders Blue, Purple, Green

1 each

Glue Sticks

5 +

Addition and Subtraction Flashcards

1 Label with name

Spiral 1 Subject Notebooks, regular ruled

1 red, 1 any color

Marble Composition Notebook Regular Ruled

2 black and white (no other colors please)

1” Three Ring Binder with inside pockets

            2 any color

Copy Paper

2 reams +

Divider Tabs (Set of at least 5)

1 set

Dry Erase Markers

3 or 4

Memory Stick or Thumb Drive


Pink Gum Erasers (no other type)


Hand Wipes or Wet Ones  Non Clorox



3-4 boxes

Paper Towels

2 roll

Ziploc bags  quart/gallon

1-2 bags


  • We purchase the yellow homework folders. You may want to purchase a few more folders so you have them throughout the year in case they need replacement.
  • Paper-mate and Dixon Ticonderoga yellow pencils are the best school pencils. They sharpen well and the lead does not easily break.
  • Please put your child’s name on their folders and notebooks.
  • Items will be collected during the first week of school. You may choose to send these items before school starts to lighten the load for your child.
  • If you  have supplies from last year, use them.