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Second Grade

Subjects Taught In Second Grade

Phonics and Spelling

Long and short vowel sounds, vowel digraphs and diphthongs
Consonant blends, syllables, compound words
Contractions, plurals, and inflectional endings
Suffixes, prefixes, synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms
Use spelling words in daily writing


Comprehension skills and strategies
Target vocabulary and high frequency words
Common forms of genre
Dramatize a story by role-playing


Kinds of sentences and write a complete sentence
Nouns, pronouns, and proper nouns
Adjectives, verbs, and adverbs
The five steps of writing process
Write a paragraph, a story, a letter, a report and share writing with peers


Number Sense and Operations in Base Ten
Add 2 and 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping
Subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping
Money, Time, and Calendar
Geometry, Fractions, and Measurement
Problem Solving