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2013 Art Show

The Art Show took place on Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3. The students in Nursery School through Grade 8 worked with different mediums and did a great job under the direction of Mrs. Dupuis, the art teacher. 

Nursery School: May Flowers in the Mixed Media
Kindergarten: What I Love About SJB in Mixed Media
First Grade: Praying Self Portraits in Mixed Media
Second Grade: Clay Pinch Pots Decorated in Tempera
Third Grade: Bible Stories Triptychs in Mixed Media
Fourth Grade: Animals in Acrylic on Canvas Board
Fifth Grade: Relief Carvings on Balsa Wood Tiles
Sixth Grade: Wearable Art - Master Works on "T" Shirts
Seventh Grade: Clay Creations painted in Acrylics
Eighth Grade: Copies of Master Works

Art Show