Family School

The mission of the Family School Association (FSA) is for parents, teachers and administration to work cooperatively as a Christian family to raise money for the school to help defray the cost of tuition as well as sponsoring school community social events.

The current members are:
Celine Hamilton Quill, Karin Picard, Becky Caproni, Richard LaCroix, Robert Table, Gill LaPointe, Nancy Richter and Shelly Brown.

The next Family School Meeting will be held April 10th. The meetings will be held in the Pastoral Center at 6:30 pm unless otherwise noted in the Week at a Glance. Fundraising, school activities and upcoming events are usually discussed at the meetings. If someone would like to put an item on the agenda, please contact one of the members or call the school. 

Family School Association By-Laws

Upcoming Fundraisers:


Candy Bars - August/September

Taste of Western Mass Dining Books (October)

Calendars (November)

Butter Braid Pastries (February 11 - March 15. The orders will be in for Easter.)

Magazines (February)