Family School Association

Contact Information
Voicemail: 413-366-1SJB

Paint and Sip Night  We have many talented artists!!  Next Paint and Sip Night is Friday, November 18th. 

McDonald's Night: Thank you to the Gomez family for giving us this opportunity. We greatly appreciate it. We were given a check for $475. 

Krazy Jakes: Thank you to everyone who attended Krazy Jake’s. We were given a check for $550 and then another $85 in donations. We thank Scott Stawas the owner of Krazy Jakes and Dave O’Brien (HR Manager) for their generosity and for giving us this opportunity.


Krazy Jakes

The mission of the Family School Association (FSA) is for parents, teachers and administration to work cooperatively as a Christian family to raise money for the school to help defray the cost of tuition as well as sponsoring school community social events.

The current board members are:
Nancy Richter, Laurie Smith, Gill Lapointe, Jessica Pereira and Arice Mackintosh, Becky Caproni