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June Lunch Menu  June Lunch Menu 2018

Hot Lunch: $3.00     Milk: .50  

Free an Reduced Lunches

If you need to apply for Free and Reduced Lunches please contact the school. Information and paperwork went home on Wednesday, September 30th.  If you are already receiving free or reduced lunches the forms need to be filled out every year. Last year's form is good until the end of September. 

Purchasing Tokens

Below are the days that we will sell tokens. If your child is out sick on these days, he/she can bring in the money on the day they return. Please note that some of the days are on a Thursday.  Please make checks payable to Ludlow Food Services in the exact amount. Cash should be exact as well as we do not have money to make change.

Please be aware of how many days are left as we can only sell tokens for that amount. Tokens will not be good for the following year.

2017 - 2018 Token Purchase Schedule

  • Students may bring in money for the first three days and then buy tokens on September 2nd.
  • September 1, 14 (Thursday), 29
  • October 13, 27
  • November 9 (Thursday), 30 (Thursday)
  • December 8, 20 (Wednesday)
  • January 11, 26
  • February 9
  • March 2, 16, 29 (Thursday)
  • April 13
  • May 4, 18
  • June 1