Week at a Glance

A Week At A Glance…6/19/2017 – 6/21/2017


Thank you to all of the parents, families and volunteers over the course of the year. Your help and support has been greatly appreciated. We could not do all we do without your continued help and assistance.


I wish everyone a wonderful and blessed summer. 

As our school year comes to a close, let us not forget to take time to include Our Lord, His Mother and the Saints in our daily thoughts and activities. They are the quiet, ever present companions in our lives, helping us every step of the way. 

Keeping in mind that our schedules become a little less full and we feel less rushed, perhaps we could set aside a special time to pray together each day and to attend Mass as a family. 

St. Francis de Sales recognized the importance of daily prayer and most importantly, the great value of the precious gift of Our Lord in the Eucharist offered to us each time we attend Mass, “Prayer is the means by which we ascend to God; the Sacraments are the channels by which God descends to us.”  We are truly blessed to have our Catholic faith and the richness of the Sacraments! 


May we all have a safe, happy and healthy summer, taking time to renew ourselves physically and in our spiritual lives. May Jesus, Mary and the Saints guide and protect us always, keeping us in their tender care. 


FEAST OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST: On Saturday, June 24th we celebrate the feast of our patron, St. John the Baptist. After 4:00 pm mass on the 24th they will have a bon fire in the parking lot with honey locust sundaes being served in the Pastoral Center to celebrate the occasion.

John the Baptist was Jesus’ older cousin. He was a prophet sent by God to prepare people for the coming of Christ into the world. John’s parents were Sts. Elizabeth and Zechariah. They were an elderly couple who had nearly given up hope that their marriage would be blessed with a child. Then the angel Gabriel appeared to Zechariah in the Temple and told him that Elizabeth would give birth to a son. Gabriel said they should name the child John. Read about the birth of John in Luke 1:57-80.

The Gospel of Luke also tells us about the mission God gave to John. He was called to tell people to repent, or to be sorry for, their sins and to be baptized. He told the people to “Prepare the way of the Lord” (Luke 3: 4). He said, “I am baptizing you with water, but one mightier than I is coming. I am not worthy to loosen the thongs on his sandals. He will baptize you with the holy Spirit and fire” (Luke 3:16).

John baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. Luke tells us that the heavens opened at that moment and the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus. Then the voice of God spoke, saying, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased” (Luke 3: 21-22).

John preached against King Herod who was married to his brother’s wife. This was a great sin because the brother was still living. The wife’s name was Herodias. She demanded that Herod arrest John.

Herodias plotted with her daughter, Salome, for revenge against John. At a party, Salome danced for Herod. Her dancing tempted Herod and he promised Salome that that he would give her anything she wanted. She asked for John the Baptist’s head on a platter. John was martyred that night.

Just as John prepared people for the coming of Jesus, his brutal death prepared Jesus’ followers for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. We thank God for St. John the Baptist. We can honor him by preparing the way for Jesus by being sorry for our sins and trying to live as loving children of God.

DRESS UP: Students may dress up for the last day of school and mass. If they choose to not dress up, they should wear their school uniform.


BUS SLIPS: A form was sent home about bussing for next year. If you are a Ludlow resident, please fill out the form and let us know if your child will or will not be taking the bus next year.


VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: If you are interested in signing up for Vacation Bible School, please go to www.stelizabethludlow.org and click on forms to sign up. The dates are July 31st – August 4th from 9 – 12.


SUMMER ART CAMP: St. John the Baptist is offering a summer art camp July 10 – July 28 from 9 – 12. There are a couple opening in each week if anyone is interested. Mrs. Spice will include activities such as drawing, painting, clay, printmaking and much more. There is a limit of 15 students, and it is open to ages 7 – 12. Paperwork can be found on the website under after school art.


STEP UP DAY: Tuesday, June 20th. Students will step up and meet their next year’s teacher and get their summer work.


KINDERGARTEN ORIENTATION: Student will get a chance to see the kindergarten classroom and meet their new classmates for next year on Tuesday, June 20th at 9:00 – 10:30.


RE-ENROLLMENT FORMS: Please send back your re-enrollment forms.


LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: The last day of school is June 21st with an 11:00 dismissal. The last mass and award ceremony will take place at 8:30 am.


CHICKEN PIES FOR SALE: If anyone is interested in purchasing chicken pies, please call the school at 583-8550. The cost is $4.00 per pie.


MCVICAR SCHOLARSHIP: The chance to fill out the McVicar Scholarship. You can print off a copy from the website.


START/END OF SCHOOL 2017-2018: Students in grades K – 8 will start school on August 30th for the 2017-2018 school year. Nursery School will start on August 31st. School Vacations are: February 19 – 23 and April 16 – 20. The last day of school (with no snow days) is June 13th, most likely with an early release.




BOXTOPS/CAMPBELL UPCs/INK CARTRIDGES: We continue to ask for your support with the Box Tops, Campbell UPCs, Ink Cartridges and Coke Rewards.


BOTTLES AND CANS: We are collecting clean bottles and cans with deposits. They can be dropped off in the containers in the parking lot by the other side of the dumpster.



God bless,

Shelly Rose, Principal