Grade 3 Curriculum

Grade 3 Curriculum Overview


  • The Apostle’s Creed
  • Sacraments of Christian initiation
  • Introduction to the Saints
  • Feasts and seasons of the church calendar
  • The Holy Trinity
  • Being an active member of the church


  • Use context clues to determine the meaning of key words
  • Inferencing
  • Read , discuss, and identify various types of literature; ex. Folk Tales, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Biographies, Informational Text
  • Oral language activities, including speaking and listening

Writing/Language Arts

  • Writing process
  • Book reports, research papers
  • Grammar
  • Produce various works of writing which are comprised of at least 3 paragraphs with five or more sentences
  • Cursive handwriting


  • Addition and subtraction of whole numbers (3 or more digits, with and without regrouping)
  • Multiplication through the number 12 (memorized)
  • Introduction of division and an understanding of how it relates to multiplication
  • Money (making change)
  • Time (elapsed and telling time to the minute)
  • Customary and metric linear measurement to the quarter inch

Science and Technology

  • Plants (parts of a plant, various types, process of making glucose)
  • Animals (life cycles, habitats, vertebrates)
  • Weather
  • The Water Cycle
  • Forms of Energy
  • Ecosystems
  • Use technology to conduct research on various topics


Students will investigate and explore a variety of science concepts.

  • Physical Science – classify objects by color, flexibility, texture, and hardness.
  • Life Science - Develop and use models to compare animal and plants life through ornithology study
  • Earth and Space - Learn about landforms and how wind and water can transform the Earth.

Social Studies

In 3rd grade, the focus is on Massachusetts as well as New England.

  • Massachusetts cities and towns, geographical features
  • New England (identify the 6 states and locate on a map)
  • State symbols (bird, tree, dessert, nicknames, etc.)
  • Historical sites and significance
  • Wampanoags
  • Pilgrims and Puritans
  • The American Revolution