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School Board


The St. John the Baptist School Board consists of fourteen members who are approved by the pastor. The board consists of the pastor, principal, parents and business people. The board assists the principal by providing advice and counsel in the areas of Strategic Planning, Crisis Planning, Policy Formation, Financial Planning and Management as well as communications.

The School Board meets almost every other month and team meeting meet the off month. Parents and other interested visitors are welcome. If you would like to put something on the agenda, please contact the chairperson.


If you are interested in sitting on the Board, please call the school at (413) 583-8550.

The current Board members are:

Pastor:Monsignor Gosselin
Principal:Shelly Rose
Chair Person:Keith Davies
Co-Chair:Brent Fisher
Secretary:Louisa Antonucci
Financial:Leslie Groux/Karen Audette
Advancement:Gary Bourbeau
Diane Chapman
Cindi Roberge
Kimberly Calvanese
Karin Picard
Rebecah Winters