Mission Statement

St. John the Baptist School perpetuates the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Faith. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we educate the whole child - spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically. Our dedicated faculty challenges each student, Nursery through Grade eight, to reach his or her fullest potential. An atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation is fostered as we prepare the students to joyfully serve their families and communities. More ...


Staff Testimonial

I am a Teacher Emerita, having served the St. John the Baptist School community in various teaching capacities beginning in May 1995. My first glimpse into the culture of this fine little school began on the day I was interviewed for my first position. Following my interview, I was invited to take a tour of the building.

As I entered the doorway of the First Grade classroom, the teacher's lesson came to a halt. The children promptly stood up and greeted me, saying in unison, "Good morning." I was amazed to see this and so pleased to know that courtesy and respect were an integral part of the "lessons being taught". It was then that I knew this school would be the right fit for me.

The phrase "We Are All Family" holds true for this school community. I can recall more than one child saying to me "This feels like being at home". St. John the Baptist School does feel that way for those who have passed through our doors, beginning the day the school opened in 1925 to the present time. Many generations of families have filled the classrooms throughout the years and life-long friendships have been made and continue to evolve every day.

Lynn Cochran, Teacher Emerita

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