Mission Statement

St. John the Baptist School perpetuates the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Faith. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we educate the whole child - spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically. Our dedicated faculty challenges each student, Nursery through Grade eight, to reach his or her fullest potential. An atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation is fostered as we prepare the students to joyfully serve their families and communities.


St. John the Baptist School was founded by the Reverend Louis Thomas Rodier who became Pastor of St. John the Baptist parish in 1913. His one and only dream was to build a parochial school and staff it with religious teachers. Thanks to the co-operation and generosity of his parishioners, his dream came true in 1925.

The Sisters of Saint Anne arrived in Ludlow on September 2, 1925. Erected on the church property is a statue of mother Marie-Anne Blondin, the Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Anne, accompanied by a little girl and boy. This special honor is paid to Mother Marie-Anne Blondin because she was the pioneer of mixed classes of boys and girls in parochial schools.

On September 15 the school doors were officially opened to 265 students in grades one through six. On October 5, a pre-primary class numbering 85 children was added. With the total enrollment having now reached 350, the young school began to experience growing pains caused by a shortage of classroom furniture. Boards laid on trestles became desks for some time for grades 5 and 6. Each succeeding year saw the opening of a new class until all eight elementary grades were operating.

Today, St. John the Baptist School still functions as a vital part of the Parish. The dream is still alive in the parishioners, and the dedication of the teachers ensures that Christ stays alive in the hearts of the children.