Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Promise Religion Program:

This popular liturgically-based program with 32 weekly lessons based on the Sunday Gospels PLUS a catechism handbook - What the Church Believes and Teaches – provide everything you need for a catechetical experience that is integrated into the life of the parish – the liturgical year and Sunday Mass.

Superkids Reading Curriculum:

Word Work

The kindergarten program begins teaching children the foundational skills they need to become successful readers and writers. Through explicit and systematic phonics instruction, children learn the letters of the alphabet, one sound for each letter, and how to blend the letter-sounds to decode words. They are also taught how to write the uppercase and lowercase forms of each letter and to encode (spell) words with the letters and sounds they've been taught.


Fiction and informational texts are provided for teacher read-alouds. As soon as children learn enough letter-sounds, they begin reading short decodable stories themselves. Lessons for each text build background and vocabulary before reading and help guide children's comprehension during reading.


Children are taught to communicate their ideas through drawing and by writing letters, words, and eventually sentences. They learn basic mechanics and how to write narratives, opinions, informative/explanatory texts, and more.

  • All 26 letters of the alphabet and one sound for each

  • Writing all uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Blending letter-sounds to decode (read) words

  • Segmenting letter-sound to encode (spell) words

  • Reading 66 high-frequency Dolch words

  • Parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, categorizing words

  • Comprehension and fluency skills for literary and informational texts

  • Writing mechanics, writing process, and types of writing

  • (narrative, opinion, informative/explanatory)


  • Sorting

  • Geometry/Patterns

  • Positions

  • Numbers 0-10

  • Numbers to 31

  • Tables, Graphs, Fractions

  • Addition Readiness

  • Subtraction Readiness

  • Money

  • Time

  • Measurement

  • Numbers to 100

Abeka Science and Social Studies:

Science: Kindergarteners are curious learners. This program helps develop his love for science while teaching him about God’s world. This curriculum introduces concepts such as health, seeds, animals, the seashore, weather, and seasons. Meanwhile he’ll learn that God has given His entire world a specific purpose. Children are engaged through coloring pictures, completing dot-to-dot activities, drawing small pictures, and playing matching games.

Social Studies: Mazes, dot-to-dot pictures, and coloring pages will help students learn about America and the people around them. Lessons focus on community helpers, American people, American places, plus the geography and culture of ten other countries. This curriculum helps children become responsible citizens and good stewards of creation with Social Studies K5.