Physical Education Curriculum

Grades K-8 Curriculum Overview

St. John the Baptist Schools offers a full, comprehensive Physical Education program that teaches all students in a positive and constructive atmosphere while maintaining a safe and faith-centered environment. The curriculum follows the standards outlined by the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework and focuses on honing skills that are practical both on and off the field. In Kindergarten, the curriculum focuses on learning how to move and explore the environment utilizing various methods. Locomotive and non-locomotive movement prepares them for life and sets up the basic foundation of their physicality.

In 1st Grade, the various ways to move are refined and start to have purpose with achievable goals predetermined.

In 2nd Grade, movement is combined with equipment and locomotive skills are practiced while multitasking. Exercise as an activity is explored and defined.

In 3rd Grade, concepts of teamwork are added to the pursuit of individual performance as group cooperation further progresses. Conflict resolution between classmates begins to replace minor tattling.

In 4th Grade, teamwork is practiced, as are various methods to manipulate a ball or other sports equipment. Personal assessments of strengths and weaknesses occur while learning to respect the abilities and differences between individuals.

In 5th grade, activities rewarding cohesion are performed with the goal of working together for one purpose. Sport-specific exercises and drills are more distinctive as the focus becomes clearer.

In 6th Grade, small team tactics and deliberate movements are honed through practice and repetition. Individual fitness and activities that sharpen skills are practiced.

In 7th Grade, physical fitness is explored and practiced in greater detail. Activities include more obstacles to success and require more precision, speed, strength, and forethought. Activities highlighting focus on one skill are learned to show many different types of physical activity that students of varying experience and proficiency may perform. Individual preferences and talents are more able to be realized and expressed through different activities.

In 8th Grade, activities are refined and modified to present a greater challenge with more than one outcome. Winning, losing, and coping with both are integral to respecting others within a friendly yet more competitive environment. Team tactics are explored in greater detail as roles are defined and distinguished.